Isla Morley

"I am a secret no one is able to tell."

ABOVE is a stunning and harrowing story about a 16-year old girl who is abducted and locked in an abandoned missile silo by a survivalist convinced the world is going to end.

Think you know what is going to happen?  You
really don't.

ABOVE has been selected as a "Best Buzz Book" by PublishersLunch for Spring/Summer 2014.  See what critics and book lovers are hailing as a "riveting, heart-stopping tale of determination, love and hope for the future."
An IndieNext Pick
for March 2014!

PW's Best New Books

 Longlisted for
The Reading Agency's
"Hidden Gem"

"I loved every minute of this book! It is going to be a huge book club read.  At just about the physical halfway mark of the book, everything is flipped on its head." (Wanda Jewell, Executive Director, Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance)

"Morley scores with an audacious page-turner!" (Publishers Weekly)

"A horror classic for our time." (Lynn Cullen, bestselling author of Mrs. Poe)

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